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Creative Movements

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Creative Movements I
For children ages 2 years +. This is a fun class that will get kids up and moving with games and exercises that will enhance dance techniques and classroom etiquette.

Creative Movements II
For children ages 4 years +. This is a class for the next stage up, and is a great way to gain confidence before moving on to other dance classes.


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Ballet I
For children ages 4 - 8. In this class students will experience fun, simplified basic ballet steps through routines, limbering exercises, and coordination combinations.

Ballet II
For children ages 9 - 13. Students continue to develop the basic ballet concepts and vocabulary, spending time at the barre and learning to build sequences of movement. Repetitions of the exercises help build muscle memory and refine the lines of the body. Studying modern dance techniques to add layers to the quality of movement is encouraged.

Ballet III
For children ages 14 - 18. Elements introduced in ballet include correct body alignment, initiation of movement from the core, turnout, balance, musicality and coordination. More emphasis is placed on building stamina, carriage and quality of movement by using longer and more complex dance combinations.
* Students may study the basic principles of pointe work with the recommendation of the instructor.


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Jazz I
For children ages 4 - 8. This class is built to introduce children to the most familiar and recognizable Jazz steps. Jazz also functions as the foundation for many other styles of dance.

Jazz II
For children ages 9 - 13. Style is angular and disjointed. It employs hip isolations, shoulder shrugs and head rolls. Dance movements tend to be pedestrian, emphasizing walking, hand clapping, finger snapping and general body isolations.

Jazz III
For children ages 14 - 18. Students have mastered the basic steps of Jazz. Muscle strength, endurance, and balance are key to this level for new, high energy dance moves and skills, turns, leaps etc.

Lyrical Dance

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For children ages 14 - 18. Strongly influenced by ballet and jazz, its movements use the entire body, extending the body lines. The movements possess a flow quality, although a strong pulse may be used to emphasize dynamics. *1 Hour

Hip Hop

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Hip Hop I
For children ages 9 - 13. This is an intro to a form of street dancing, also known as a newest trend in jazz. Movements are bouncy, fast and funky-fresh. Extremely foot orientated, using isolation movements, popping and break-dancing. Students instill a basic feel for hip-hop.

Hip Hop II
For children ages 14 - 18. As students gain confidence in the basic style and feel of Hip-Hop, this second stage will expose then to the many styles of this dance, introducing new moves and instilling new skills.


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Tap I
For children ages 4 - 8. Students familiarize themselves with their feet through the class, and can be either accompanied by music or acapella. Movements of tap are concentrated in your feet and ankles. Wearing shoes with metal taps, you tap out the rhythm of the music you are dancing to. Arms, head and hands are important but complementary to the actions of the feet. Because this is an introductory class, students focus on isolating single and simple steps.

Tap II
For children ages 9 - 13. This class is designed to take the isolated tap steps learned in the previous class to create simple combinations of many steps and sounds, encouraging students to experiment with the learned sounds as well as body movements.

For children ages 14 - 18. Students have mastered the basic tap steps and are learning, as well as creating, complex tap combinations. Higher level skills and moves are acquired in this level, while also encouraging creativity and individuality of each student through tap sounds and body movements.

Just For You: Dance & Gymnastics

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For ages 11 - adult. This is a class designed for students with special needs. Students will try several styles of dance; Creative Movement, Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, etc.

Adult Dance

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Tap your feet in time with the music and have fun! (Special shoes required)

This class can help with coordination, balance, and flexibility.

Ballroom Classical
Learn dances such as the Waltz, Quickstep, and Foxtrot!

Ballroom Latin
Learn dances such as the Cha Cha, Salsa, and Rumba.

Private Dance Lessons

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Private Lesson:

  • 1 Session Y Member $25 per person

  • 1 Session Non-Member $50 per person

  • 5 Sessions Y Member $75 per person

  • 5 Sessions Non-member $200 per person

Semi-Private Lesson:

  • 1 Session Y Member $20 per person

  • 1 Session Non-Member $40 per person

  • 5 Sessions Y Member $60 per person

  • 5 Sessions Non-member $160 per person