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Parent Child Gymnastics Lessons (18 mo. - 3 years)

This 30-minute class is a positive parent and child introduction to the gymnastics environment. Classes are designed to focus on gross motor development through the use of age appropriate games, obstacles, songs and manipulatives. Register Online

This class is designed to give parents the opportunity to be involved in their child’s motor development. They will be using all the equipment as the parent learns to work with their child on different skills. The instructor will be involved with spotting and teaching each skill. At times the instructor will ask to go one on one with the child in a specific skill.

Preschool Gymnastics Program (3 - 5 years)

We help teach children the basic building blocks of gymnastics. Classes use age appropriate warm-up songs, circuits and games to build skills in a fun learning environment! Register Online

Gym Dandy
For beginners ages 3 - 4. This class is designed for the child ready to learn basic moves that will teach them to do the complete gymnastic skill. They will work all the equipment which will help in balance, flexibility and basic motor skills. As the children learn more skills and are ready they will be given more difficult moves to work on.

Kinder Gym
For children ages 4 - 5. This class is designed to prepare a child for the progressive program. They will work on learning skills for cartwheels, many different rolls, handstands and much more. They will work on all the equipment and at times will try without a spotter. We encourage all of the children that are ready to do skills with little spotting. This will prepare them in the future for other skills and strengthens their confidence.

Progressive Gymnastics Program (6 years & up)

For our older gymnasts, we focus on general body awareness, skills, developing strength and endurance. Skills are taught in progression and classes are based on whether children complete skills in previous classes. Register Online

For beginners ages 6 years & up. This program begins with forward rolls, cartwheels, handstands and back kicks over off the mats. They will also work beam, vault and bars. After children can do 75% of all skills they will move to the next class upon instructor’s discretion..

For children ages 6 years & up. In this class children will be working on round offs, handstands to bridge, back roll step outs, back kickovers without spot. They will begin learning the basics for back handsprings. All classes do beam, vault and bars. When child is able to do at least 75% of the skills they will be allowed to move to the next class upon the instructor’s discretion.

For children ages 6 years & up. This advanced class is designed for children ready to begin tumbling skills, walkovers, front and back along with dance. There will be specific skills required on all equipment. At this level the skills will be more difficult and will require tight bodies and paying close attention to the instructor.

For children ages 6 years & up. This class is designed for the serious gymnast that might enjoy competition level skills. They will be working on continuous tumbling runs, putting together routines using dance and gymnastics. They will still be working on bars, beam and vault along with floor.

For children ages 10 years & up. This class is designed for those children who are interested in learning basic skills for tumbling only. They must first learn to do a handstand, bridge and kickover off of mats before learning to do back handsprings. Once they are able to do roundoffs and back handsprings they can move on to more difficult skills.

Youth Cheerleading
For children ages 5 years & up. Cheerleaders will learn basic skills, cheers, chants, and routines.

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